Sunday, September 26, 2010

The week that went #2

Have you heard about the Facebook phenomenon!!?? People sell their cars, get loan out of the bank and spend it all on parties and travel, just so they can take pictures and post them on their Facebook page. Otherwise, they have boring lifes, but with the party pictures on Facebook they get the viewers to believe that they have an interesting and funny life?? You see beautiful boring people (Svensson) with champagne bottles on exotic places and nightclubs parting them self to economical ruin...But what does it matter, if they for a second fool someone to believe that they are a successful fantastic person and later maybe get a little bit of love...??

For Belladonna is it exactly the same, but reverse...!!?? Our life is so fucked-up crazy that if we post pictures from one of late night events it would make a normal persons party pictures look like stills from a Disney movie. We have to censure and erase pictures rather than fabricating interesting stories. We want all our guests to have the right to be different, no one is judged, everybody is equal. We don´t care about names or titles, we only want souls to blossom on a crazy and creative journey. Thats why we ban all photo from midnight and on, everything that happens in the dungeon after midnight stays in the dungeon...

//P:Belladonna is full of secrets

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AlltIngetMycke said...

3de ggn gillt i helgen? Mer skillade än någonsin. Piss och kräm