Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get the dirt out!!

BDT prospects Von Sven and Simon took care of the cleaning supply

The true view of the BDT boys reality...

Julia and her friend David came the hole Way from Norrköping to help out, Julia donated her bra to a better needed.

Going with the trash, the luckiest pieces of paper on earth, they done their job, we promise..

Deadly iron made it into the BDT collection, the mp-40 is soon covering the dungeons wall.

Fux is taking care of BDT´s Respected Video collection, the favorite Inside Napoli was later on the screen..

The BDT dungeon has been under heavy pressure for some month now. All this uninhibited deviant lifestyle have clouded the dungeon with dirt that literally are flowing down the walls.

So yesterday eleven of the BDT boys was down in the dungeon to execute a well needed cleanup. The intoxicated waste was labeled with triple skulls by a health inspector from the social department that demanded to be a part of the dangerous event.

The waste is now on the way in a armed truck to region in i third world country that is going to use it as fertilizer for their cannabis fields. Talk about recycle..!!??

//P:Belladonna is back to the nature..


Sideburn Magazine said...

Patric do you have any stencils left?
I would love to have one!

P.Belladonna said...

I get you one:) What address should i send it to??