Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hectic Saturday

10.09 Stockholm Hairdresser fashion show

14.49 Dejan Cekanovic art exhibition

19.30 NHL Premiere with ESPN AMERICA at Globen

23.30 "DANS" at Färgfabriken

23.46 BDT Member Dj-VINCE at the decks

00.30 BDT member Vladimir Rodjenko´s New Order exhibition

02.35 The dungeon

BDT is so occupied attending different social occasions that there is no time to get the hands dirty, in fact the BDT crew so buzzy drinking cocktails that they forgot the taste of real life..??

So now BDT have decided to enter a health SPA organized and financed by Shell. Shell that loves to spill their juices have promised BDT that they will support the dungeon with a barrel of Oil mixed with blue Caribbean water. So on Wednesday the boys are going to be covered and rubbed in with the magic dirty mix, a treatment that Shell have promised will get the BDT boys hands and body's back to their normal state, dirty as a dollar bill.

//P:Belladonna is covered in shit..

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