Friday, October 29, 2010

Super cool Zaeta

The Zaeta project started in the end of 2008 during Bologna Motor Show, Paolo Chiaia had a a conversation with Graziano Rossi (Valeninto's father) about a bike that they would like to own. Paolo realized that there both were speaking about a bike which had to be very light and powerful and good for sliding sideway. He thought about a bike which could be used during training for Moto Gp riders to improve control in sliding. After one month from first conversation Graziano Rossi called Paolo to ask me to start making one short track bike.

In Paolo´s mind the bike was born when he was 14 years old and was using my Piaggio Ciao to slide in the field behind my home. As said, the real project started when Marco Belli, three times UK short track champion , Graziano and Paolo decided to take the challenge. The fourth man involved, Andrea Andreani the person who assemble the bikes (who is also taking care of Valentino's training bikes).

The first bike Paolo produced had a Yamaha 480 motocross engine with Rinaldi Kit . Of course the first one had a yellow frame (guess why?) and then came the name Zaeta, which is a sweet yellow biscuit produced close to Venice ( Paolo is from Verona which is in the same region and he loves those biscuits as they remind him of an ex girlfriend who used to give them to him after making love)

Second bike Paolo produced was for Marco Belli for the 2010 championship and has a TM 530 Engine Supermotard version and have a Penske rear suspension and a Showa front suspension.
Marco's bike weighs about 100kg with all liquids with 65 hp. With this bike Marco has won the Italian flat track cup and is 4th in the UK championship while is now leading the MEFO European championship with one more race to go.

Since the beginning Paolo wanted the bike to be also street legal as I am convinced it s a perfect bike to have fun riding in the city and in the hills or in mountain. Paolo wanted a bike which could be essential, light, very similar to the racing bike, bringing on the street the spirit of the short track bikes, the spirit of the 1970ies but at same time being performing and modern.
The street version can be' ordered in the color you prefer both for frame and tank+seat. Normal colors ( i.e. Excluding metal flake or special painting like flames)

Front suspension is a Paioli with traditional forks, Brembo caliper and Nissin as brake and clutch pumps. Dear suspension is Öhlins.
Parts of front side Are billet aluminum, tank is alu 8 liters of our design,
Rear wheel is 18" and front is 19".
Front Break disk is a 320
Street bike weighs 115kg with liquids
The bike is made for 2 passengers
The price in Italy is 13500€

//P:belladonna wants one!!

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"IL CONTE" said...

Marco and Zaeta won yesterday also the MEFO Cup !!! ;-)