Friday, October 8, 2010

Svenska design priset ( Swedish design award)

BDT´s new member Simon was nominated with his brilliant photo book "Sleeping beauty" for the Swedish design award. BDT was there at the modern art museum to support him.

- And the winner is in the best book class........long wait......a cookbook!!?? Well who taught that Simon´s book with tits and ass could win when the jury looked like there were working at a bank during the depression. We had to flew the mecca of modern art with two stolen bottles of whine and some barbecue chicken wings..The monstrous Gard chased us at least 300 m, but his gigantic muscles was to much to carry and he had to let us go.. We sat down and arranged our own party viewing the Swedish royal castle. Simon taught he saw the new married Princess in one of the castle windows and went down on his four and sended a true BDT love message...

//P:Belladonna is to much!

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