Friday, November 26, 2010

Home sweet home #3

Welcome to Speedy´s home, one of BDT´s Founder and a true tracker fan. Speedy is an artist, an explorer of the imagination doing everything to keep his dreams alive. Speedy´s crypt is located on the hills of Knivsöder in the creative part of Stockholm. Speedy has devoted his life to anything that makes the blood pumping..? He explores the dualism, the energy of the contradictory opposites of the human mind and the never ending conflict in between them. Love hate, life and death, good and evil the pornographer and the poet etc. With hardcore weapons, religious symbols and naked bodies creates Speedy fictive imaginary stories and illusions, not by provoking the ordinary, but more by confronting and challenging the existing norms and values.
He knows the cost of declaring war against the ordinary, the ticket to the safe zone, a place were ordinary people give each other peace to be, as long as they don´t do anything outside the box. But he also knows that great art and inventions lies far outside this safe zone waiting to be discovered by anyone who dares to explore this unknown territory. He is passionated change agent fighting for a better world were there is room for people that decides to walk their own way...even if its against the driving direction..

//P:Belladonna would change his life for a safeticket any day

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