Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Love Warrior 106

© Vladimir Rodjenko

The BDT Love army is growing bigger than Facebook?? Some curious people wonders what the F**ck are all this amazingly beautiful women doing in a dirty bikers garage?? Well lets say we know something?? A secret?? Until now!!

Every room a modern women enters and for every different social occasion they attend there are different expectations, how to behave, at work, in school, with their friends and boyfriend etc. Expectations created by a insecure male community trying to control them. Women are reduced to pretty puppies eager to please their masters.
We know men are shit scared about strong independent women that don´t lean their faces as soon as they want to be loved. Men are allowed to be men, and are even encouraged for it, but what about women??

Fashion is a opium and a addiction created to keep them occupied to their own charade, making them distracted to seek their real identity. The Pretty woman world is complete!

BDT is a true women liberation movement were women evolve from puppies to full blood Love Warriors, eager to fight for their right to be different. Belladonna is a hotbed of creativity, love and happiness where they for the first time can step out the dress that chokes every breath they take. At Belladonna they can drink, scream, they can be creative, dirty, horny, naked and even pee like any man, knowing there is no one there to judge them.

Sharon our Love Warrior #106 works at the Nobel price foundation searching for new Nobel price winners, she just became the officer of our new technology development department. We just got into the field of developing an extra strong City light that produces the same amount of light as the sun. For the moment the sun sets at 4.30 in Sweden?? With this new invention the Swedish streets are not only going to be up lit 24/7, the lights also create heat that removes all the snow out of the streets.
Sharon is the project leader of this revolutionary project, so if you want our street clean for bike riding, you should be X-tra nice to this super hot Love warrior, the snow melts were ever she goes...And yes, she never ever lean her face...for anyone!

//P:Belladonna is believing in himself

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