Sunday, November 14, 2010

Love Warrior #107

© Vladimir Rodjenko

Kim our Love warrior # 1o7 is a professional shoplifter, specialized in pillows. In fact the only thing she steals is pillows, small, big soft and hard. She collects them and creates pillow covered rooms were everything is soft and warm. She tells us stories about her childhood and life, her mother past away all to early and her boy friend and love of her life cheated on her with her best friend, life hasn't threaten her nicely so to say.

She continues, when she spends time in the pillow covered rooms she gets calm and happy. In there she is strong and invulnerable and the environment around her soft and fragile. When she at last feels secure she can open up and get peace of her mind. Kim´s fantastic rooms got so much attention that they are going to bee installed at an exhibition at the modern at museum in Stockholm later this year.

BDT member and the German photographer Vladimir Rodjenko just released that he is going to organize an exhibition with all the Love warrior pictures. We get back to you with all the information on that subject.

//P:Belladonna is exited

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