Monday, November 15, 2010

Love Warrior #108

© Vladimir Rodjenko

The new Love warrior Irina is former striptease dancer from Russia. She is a result of the cold war, her father was a high ranked KGB officer working on espionage in former west Berlin. Her mother was born in Chicago and recruited to the American intelligence service for her looks. She was sent to Berlin to seduce and collect information from Irina's love blinded father, but they both fell i Love... After years living in lies, the truth about her mothers initial intention got revealed, they broke up and Irina was put in a foster family outside Leningrad. Since Irina var 16 she has been preforming at different dirty clubs in the suburbs of Leningrad, until she one night met a famous Russian artist during a intimate lap-dance.

Two years ago she was a background dancer for the Russian contribution at the Eurovision Song contest in Helsinki. After the show she got a few days off and caught the ferry across the sea to visit Stockholm, she hasn't left since. So this next coming weekend she is going to practice her dancing skills at the new installed strip Poole...Se you there??

(Clothes from Red Star Militaria)

//P:Belladonna is spinning around and around..

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