Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Make a difference!

BDT is preparing for Christmas. BDT has another view of Christmas, the fucked up present buying, eating the shit out of people phenomena...Since people is only taking care of themselves their friends and family 356 days a year, so why not spend one day a year to care for someone else, not so fortune?? This reverse thinking is exactly what Christmas is for Belladonna!!! So instead of buying expensive and unnecessary gifts for our loved ones BDT devotes this feast to the people that lacks what is everyday standard to the rest of us, unlimited sex, liqueur, food, love and a fast Belladonna tracker... So on Sunday at the first of advent at one a clock BDT is serving Lussebullar and Glögg for the homeless in Björnsträdgård in the south part of Stockholm. Join us with a basket of cinnamon cookies and share your love..

//P:Belladonna likes his without russin

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