Monday, November 8, 2010

Red star militaria

BDT is proud to present our new partner, Red Star Militaria. Red star is going to provide the BDT Love warrior army with all the guns necessary to win the battle against the evil ordinary. Red star is a full stock militaria shop, with clothes, field equipment and guns from the WW2 period until today. You are going to see a lot of their amazing stuff here on the BDT blog in the nearest future.

The pictures above is from the grand opening of Red Stars new shop, walking distance from BDT. So right now we are digging a transport tunnel between the shop and the BDT dungeon. Just to ensure the iron delivery and eliminate any outside interference and disturbance.

A survey made by the Swedish normality council revealed that the odds for BDT´s mission, to defeat and exterminate prejudices, jealousy and bullshit just increased with 55% with this new partnership. IF!! I mean IF?? you got the guts to confront our heavenly armed force..You are going to face the biggest, biggest guns...loaded with the most powerful explosives on earth..LOVE!!

//P:Belladonna says BANG!!

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