Thursday, December 23, 2010

BDT-The land of love?

BDT is on collision course with the ordinary!!
The only thing we wanted was to spread love, but it have come to our knowledge that we are causing more damage than spreading love, devastated men and women are in agony. We did not know the impact the BDT blog had on people when we started to question the monumental constructions of the ordinary, the conventions people stick to feel happy and secure.

We got so many angry mail from devoted and frustrated girlfriends that have lost their men disappearing into the world of BDT, ordinary men tired of their whining bitches trying to reduce them
into shadows of themselves, women making men give up everything that is precious to them to stay cool in the home regions. The ongoing exchange and trade, security for passion has got some serious consequences. With BDT men not only want spend a moment for them self as they truly are but they also want to have a glimpse of things that are liberated from the female control system that prevent them to be once they enter BDT, return is not an option.

And on the opposite side we got devastated men that are losing control of their loved ones since it became clear for women that men lost there ability to be We have met so many frustrated women telling us that the men of today hardy know the way to China?? But in this case we want to defend ourselves, it is not our fault that men of the ordinary lost their manhood in the search of air castles. Please dont blame us when your pretty-ones go for an adventure in the Belladonna dungeon to experience some real heat.( if more men would be listening to BDT this would not be a issue) But we can promise, once they spend some quality time with BDT you are not going to recognizes them, and that in a good way, BDT are not only providing them with the map to an exotic island, BDT digs up the treasure!!

But we have an answer to both your problem, we are happy to announce (again) that BDT is not a motorcycle club or a blog, it is a special place whiting every person on this earth, a special place were everything is possible, a place were spectacular things happens...and what is this place called??? We call it YOU!!!

//P:Belladonna is well equipped..


Time To Fly said...

Ok sad but true fact of life!

RD350 from SoCal said...

Bella Kicks Ass!!!