Monday, December 13, 2010

BDT wishes everybody a great Saint Lucy's day

BDT got up 5 a clock this the morning to celebrate the feast of St. Lucy, a traditional Swedish Christmas fiesta followed with cinnamon cookies and strong hot wine. Since kids can stand upright they are forced to wear crazy clothes and sing songs for their smiling parents. This doesn't end in school, the white dressed candle carrying woman follows us all through life. On the 13th of December she gathers her crew of terns and gnomes and sings songs for morning tired swedes.

We don´t want to change this beautiful tradition..

//P:Belladonna is recovering from the exposure of the strong whine...fuck!


Time To Fly said...

Very cool!

Sexuellatankar said...

You light my fire

Burn mother fucker burn!

In this dark times we seriously need it