Thursday, December 9, 2010

BDT, like Stureplan but for real..

Sara at Stureplan

Sara at BDT
You are looking at the hottest girl in town. Sara was nominated by the biggest entertainment Web magazine Stureplan to be the most beautiful woman in town.
But what people don´t know is that Sara is a secret agent of the BDT Love Warrior Army. She is infiltrating the uptight bajsnödiga atmosphere around the entertainment distinct Stureplan in Stockholm and spreading the contagious BDT Virus that mutates wannabe hipsters into real people. Trust me, that is not easy, to wake up in the morning and for the first time just see your self in the mirror, no attitude, prestige, no just yourself.
BDT have got a angry mail from The Swedish fashion council, where they say that we have to stop infecting Stureplan with the powerful virus, since they earn a fortune of the anxious, restless and insecure people that follows every move the fashion industry takes. This people are manipulated to believe that they are people that build an independent identity with an extension of different related brands. But think about it, you have this 20ish fashionista that declares his or her integrity with a personal unique style, how in hell could it be possible that every brand on the market have this specific style in stock at the exactly the time they want it???? Unique style, integrity or rocket science??? no its neither, people are totally deceived by a multi billion fashion industry that wants to make money, simple as that. Peoples life´s are orchestrated by fake glamor subtle as a fart in a winter storm.

Once people wake up out of their "look at me disease", knowing that they are good enough no matter what they are wearing and were they have their beer, they understand the beauty of Belladonna, and as people are converting into real people the world the BDT grows, much thanks to our secret agent SARA..

//P:Belladonna is wearing...ehh...nothing!!

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I like it.
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