Monday, December 13, 2010

Belive it ot not!!

When something extra ordinary happens, when magic appears people start to get anxious?? For a split second people start to question Status Q, is there " something else" except the things i got stuffed up my ass since i was born?? In that second BDT is born, that is exactly what BDT is about, an embryo of new possibilities.

BDT are criticizing the ordinary, but who the fuck are we to judge?? We can only say one thing, we have seen "something else" and it would be a shame not try to spread it to the rest of you.

So many are talking about the Unique BDT spirit and the people that experienced it tells us that they don´t know how to behave in a normal civilized room..? They tell us when embracing BDT things become clear, they suddenly understand that they live in a world controlled by invisible suffocating frame. With BDT they have discovered the life exist outside this frames and that it is ok to pass them, BDT liberates them from the ordinary, they are not flipped out, they just blossom in the heat of BDT.

Artist, jazz musicians, surfers, poets and biker few century´s ago has been representatives for this alternative lifestyle, daring to confront the mass of the ordinary. They all had a vision of an utopia where love was the law and where individuals made up the the rules, not governments in ties and suits.

The only problem people don´t live in that world, they live in a world called reality, and reality have another perspective on life, where BDT pretty much is condemned. Why could you ask? Well look at the pictures Below...Can you imagine yourself walking to 7/11 to buy your daily package of cigarette and encounter THAT ?? Should you handle that?? No?? Exactly!!

So people have two choices, accept and embrace the BDT Spirit or chicken out by defending the locked in values by building up a set of logical explanations to convince themselves that the BDT spirit is a fake, people get payed, get wasted and are not old or smart enough to make their own choices etc, etc... Later they have to bullshit this information along like minded to confirm their ideas and get a false feeling of belonging. The circle is closed and you have got another great example of how square people and prejudices kills variety...

We have a saying "people cant experience something they cant explains" so to eliminate the rumors, insecurity and prejudices and try to show the power of BDT, we have made a simple test and invited two different strangers to the dungeon one ordinary Monday night. We just sat down and let love guide us trough the evening. It did not take long until the BDT spirit started to sparkle....

To eliminate the possibilities for people to judge and open for their chances to experience, we have made up a few few rules.

1. No alcohol and drugs were used, only coffee cigarettes and coke(cola)
2. No plans or directives where made, they only acts out of free will.
3. No photo-shop were applied, the pictures are only developed.
4. No one got payed, oh yes i forgot they got two cups of coffee.
5. They were not aware of the test, and were only told to come down for a coffee and a chat!!

They are two beautiful super intelligent + 20 girls with a promising career and life, see how it goes..

20.08 The have known each other for 20 min

20.39 Chilling in the sofa

21.39 Look what i found in the toolbox

21.44 Its getting hot..

21.44 Shaking hands?? Coffee with milk

22.04 We need more milk...Lets go to Seven-Eleven..

22.04 Surprised customers

22.06 Can i please have...??

22.08 Seven Eleven employee after 3 min with BDT

22.08 Ah!! let´s get some oil!!

22.56 Back in the Dungeon

23.45 Lets cool off ..or not!

00.35 Back to the sofa for a break

00.45 Four hours later, friends forever!!

00:57 Chilling with another new friend

00.57- 06.55 This pictures will be released on the 26 of may 2011.

//P:Belladonna cant wait..

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Oh my word, I wanna party with you guys