Friday, December 3, 2010

CSI Internet

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Internet the biggest crime scene in history!!?? From the origin of Internet copyright has been heavily discussed, file sharing, illegal down loads etc. When Pirate-bay released music from the tyranny of big record companies and created and well needed discussion about new business models, money showed how poorly it behave when it is loosing power. BDT have the beliefs that every artist should have the right to compensation for their work, but big music corporation have made themselves into evil monsters dominating and controlling the music production and distribution and in the end shaping the taste and behavior of the consumer. How in hell could people develop a taste for music they never have the chance to encounter??
This behavior have lead to stupidification in the music industry, music should be easy to sell, to a lot of people and it should be easily consumed to be easily replaced with it something new, record companies only concern was to make money, art ?? fuck that!! A&r biggest challenge was to find the next top-list money making machine. Artist was transformed into stocks on a ever changing market, valued by lists and charts..(We have the solution for this dilemma but that is another story)
This ongoing discussion about stealing someones work without paying is a part of our every day life and dilemma, but what about Pictures??

Internet is flourishing with blogs and writers that are sweeping trough the digital ecosystem and sucks up every great pic they find, and pay...nothing!?
It is exactly the same crime as download a song or a movie. If you walk into a gallery and steals a painting you get prison, but if you download the same picture on Internet and use it on your blog, no one reacts?? If you walks into a store and steals a Cd you get a fine but if you download a song on Internet you can get up to 6 month in prison?? So why this sick perspective?
People are commanded by the mega record companies to pay for the music, at the same time people are watching their favorite artist on Mtv´s Cribs, were the artist explains why he or she cant live whiteout two pools and tree Hummers, and as they salute in champagne they tell the music interested teenager fans to take 30% of their monthly allowance to by their Cd...
But in art and photography the same money are not involved, does that mean that it is more legitimate?? Isn´t stealing stealing??

But we want to make it easy for you, we don´t want to be another scan trough the net and steal pictures feed platform, we want and have the ambition to create our own content her on the blog, that WE DESIDE IS FREE FOR YOU TO USE (in a non profit use). At BDT you don´t have to feel a shame to use the copy command. Download our pictures and spread them were ever you go. If we by any chance accidentally downloaded a picture that you own and don´t want to have here, we respect that, let us know and we will remove it right away!

//P:Belladonna is a thief...

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