Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love Warrior #109

Say hello to Love Warrior Melissa, she is a student at the university of social media in Uppsala. For the moment she is writing a book about the mega companies on Internet that slowly are taking over peoples life. We place the content of our life on different digital platforms, films, photos, personal information etc with the feeling that this platforms belong to us?? My Facebook etc??
She has a revolutionary perspective on this phenomena, when people think this services are for free she have another idea. The platforms grows by us seeding them with content, but at the same time the wallets of this companies grows by bizarre proportions. She told us that she gets strange night phone calls from silicon valley as the content of this book is leaking out, some say that this book is going to be a serious threat for nations witch economy is depending on this business.
We have different laws for different cultures around the world, but who makes up the laws and the rules on Internet?? As we say that everything on Internet should be free, she tells us that it is money that is making up the rules...Gigantic corporation in feasting of the content of our life's doing everything to squeeze money out of it...

//P:Belladonna is stuck in an evil circle..

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