Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ride with style #6

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The heroes of our lives #16

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From today at 12 a clock BDT are proud owners of the domain name WWW.HIPSTERPORN.COM !!! We have great future plans!!! But if you put 50 000 $ on one of our accounts, you can have it, !! if you ask kindly!! (experts has predicted a value of 400 000$ for that address in the next 5 years). From the beginning of next week our brother blog hipsterporn.com is going to be out in the air.

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Shake it baby

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Monday, August 30, 2010

The BDT way #14

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Soon in the hands of BDT

Looks like CNET Asia got a different press release from the one I got late last night. Theirs apparently had information pertaining to the not-announced G12, the latest in Canon’s line of compact manual cameras. Well, there’s no putting the cat back in the bag, especially when you have rumor sites ready to pounce and immortalize your error in a screenshot. Here’s what was revealed.

The G12 will feature the same 10-megapixel CCD as the S95 from last night, though the lens doesn’t appear to be quite as nice: 5x zoom and f/2.8-4.5 is certainly nothing to scoff at, but f/2 would have been nice.

The LCD is a 2.8″ swivel-and-tilt one (likely the same 480×320 one as before), which should come in handy when you’re using the brand new 720p video mode. It’s got all the usual G-series stuff: manual exposure, lots of dials, image stabilization. It also has the in-camera “HDR” mode using bracketed exposures.

There are probably a few details we’re missing, but we’ll fill those in once the G12 gets its official announcement. I’m expecting that to be alongside the 60D in a week or so, just before the big Canon expo. The 26th, we’ll say.

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BDT saturday night

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BDT-Crash course in different living

//P:Belladonna takes a leak on the on-going election campaign..red or blue who gives a fuck!! In our world colors are free!!

To die for!

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BDT at the gallery

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The souls of BDT?

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Vote for nipples!

How could people get it so wrong...??? Women all around the world is spending 1000000 of hours and dollars to get beautiful and get our attention and respect, every day. Fashion designers and beauty boutiques are crowded with women that thinks a new dress or a new lipstick will make them more attractive. But BDT IS RELEASING THE TRUTH!! Forget clothes and makeup, nothing is more beautiful than the nature itself. It is not a question what clothes you put on, it is a question witch clothes you take off!! You are adding by removing so to say... smart move ??? Send 10% of every dollar you earn on this insight to: www.children-without-food-and-clothes. com

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stay fokused guys!!

Tonights Speedway Grand Prix fight in Gorican Croatia is about to rain away, we hope for better weather and that the Swedish guys keep their s**th together. Go Sweden GO!!

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Hipster porn #14

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release it

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Friday, August 27, 2010

BDT´s best hipster porn art-photographers #2

11. Patrick Hoelck

13. Jason Lee Parry

Someone wonders, what is Hipster-porn?? We got the receipt!!

25% Fashion photography
25% Art
25% Porn
25% Amateur photography
= Hipster porn

1-10: here

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