Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The heroes of our lifes, Olle Åhnström

This is our new hero!! Olle Åhnström is 92 years old and still does what he loves most in life, to ride a motorcycle. When majority of the motorcycle riders in the world would chicken out if they got the change to take few laps on a ice racing bike, 92 year old Olle Åhnström don´t.
This is exactly what BDT is about, never EVER miss a change to take your soul for a spinn, don´t let fear in any shape keep you from entering the unknown territories of your potential greater you!! 92 year old Olle Åhnström think everything is possible why should´t we??

Interview and a video with Olle Åhnström here ( on Swedish)

//P:Belladonna, vilken jÄvla hjälte !! sorry no great translation!!

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jereerej said...

Yeah! Rock n'Roll and Respect!