Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love warrior #139

©Vladimir Rodjenko
Love warrior Miriam is not afraid of the dark..She is professional ghost hunter and works for BDT´s ghost exterminator department. She fights the meanest ghost of all, the one you hide in the closet.. BDT have developed a program to exterminate this evil forces and it seems to be lucrative business, it have made the BDT buoys rich beyond reason.
BDT is working day and night to vacuum the dark spirits out of the closets. The compressed agony are placed in small containers and recycled and sold to well paying country's that struggles for world domination that use it as lethal strategical weapons. It have come to a fact that it is twice as effective as chemical and nuclear weapon. After just a second of exposure to the compressed substance people shit themselves and then die instantly. It is totally harmless to nature, animals and buildings and only affects individuals with feelings. BTD is now back in the lab trying to invent a substance that also works on politicians and buss drivers working for SL*..

*More on that later

//P:Belladonna is tired of thinking

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