Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tribute to Terry Richardson # 3

BDT member Martin is our new Tribute to Terry Richardson model, if you are a little disappointed and wonder were all the half naked beautiful women are?? we can tell you we have crossed to the other side..?? After years of trying to cope and understand the opposite sex we have capitulated. We have come to the conclusion that women look good for short period but after a while they get ugly and bitchy. So we decided to quit women and totally go for cool guys, and like Martin they look good and keep up their happy and playful spirit until death.

No of-cause i am joking!! the additive love warriors that makes our life worth living is just on a well needed winter vacation in Bahamas. We sended our army of lovers to a remote island in the Caribbean archipelago for recreation, were they get massage and organic food. They have been working day and night the last month fighting the evil force of the ordinary, so a short break was i hand. The BDT love army is like a triple dose of Redbull mixed with viagra and nitrous oxide, we miss them..alot!!

//P:Belladonna is speechless

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