Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tribute to Terry #5

BDT member Speedy is the next one out in our tribute to Terry Richardson serie by Vladimir Rodjenko. Speedy is now working on a book about art and artist. The book is about the role art has in the modern society were its practically reduced to nothing due to modern media with 3d television and Internet.
It is Speedys theory that everybody is born as an artist, Picasso once said that it took him a lifetime to be able to paint like a five year old. So if all are born artists, how is it then that so few people practice it today, from his study, just 2 out of 100 000 exercise the profession of art, what happen to the rest??

here is some:
1 out of 100 000 sell their body for money
3 out of 100 000 works at a circus
5 out of 100 000 compete in a motor discipline
50 out of 100 000 works in a hospital
100 out of 100 000 works at a bank
300 out of 100 000 becomes professional soldiers
1500 out of 100 000 becomes politicians
2000 out of 100 000 becomes policemen
50 000 out of 100 000 is working 9-5 and dont give a shit what the do, as long s it pays..

So his theory is that an artist is person that stands the temptation of the conformation to the social standards and year after year avoid the treats that makes people loose their core creativity that they are born with as a children, that integrity is whats defines a Artist.

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fredbob said...

I just found your blog and this post will make me a return customer. The naked girls don't hurt either, but inspiration is harder to come by on the web. Thanks.