Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wildlife Stories by Vladimir Rodjenko

BDT member and hipster porn photographer Vladimir Rodjenjko is visiting us every weekend from Berlin with his sick mind and his compact cameras. At full moon transforms Vladimir Rodjenko from a boring fashion Photographer into a blood sucking story collector. He has been in the BDT dungeon for over a year documenting our missionaries of Love, strong independent women with a mission to create a outpost for outcasts, a land of our own!
Love is the receipt and ammunition for the BDT "Love warrior Army" one of the few remaining true rebels in our modern world.
Now you can follow Vladimir Rodjenko´s beautiful, sexy and controversial picture world at his new BLOG Wildlife Stories. His pictures doesn´t leave anybody without opinion, regardless if you like them or not. That is exactly his purpose, he likes to play on the strings of the opposites sides of the human mind, a sort of emotional (optical) effect. He places (red and green) porn and poetry next to each-other that creates a conflict in our emotional perception. Can we see beauty beyond our restricted personal rigid values and perception, if not, what are world that we unconsciously refuses to se?? It is Vladimir Rodjekos ambition with his new BLOG Wildlife stories guide us trough the barriers that narrow our perspectives. At what time in your life dig you get programmed that clean naked bodies was dirty?? It is time for change..!! Wide your perspectives and follow Vladimir Rodjenko´s new Blog Wildlife Stories here.

//P:Belladonna, what in hell do i mean?? Less talking more flesh please!!

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