Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Warrior #110

©Vladimir Rodjenko

Fashion fucks things up, fashion is the biggest obstacle for a great picture, because fashion is all about surface...! Fashion and fashion photographers are all gathered in a gigantic end zone just outside the world of the brilliant picture, Our friend and BDT member Vladimir Rodjenko wants to take things further.. In-fact his whole picture idea is to get past this gigantic surface and wall that Fashion has created. In some ways fashion is good, it is a universal language that everyone knows and share that connects people beyond borders, but beyond fashion things are not as easy..??

Since birth women are breast milked with traditional fashion, from childhood they know how they want to be portrait infront of a camera and falls right into poses and attitudes that they are familiar with from different fashion magazines, but is it a picture of them? In some cases women even become the surface that they create from copy what they read ??

Fashion photographers on the other side, constructors of greasy illusion are with there big cameras and huge lenses standing with their limited artistic perspective screaming out their directives to the models, since they are standing meters and meters from them.(Otherwise why use for the big lenses ??) Vladimir thinks that if he is further away from the model than that he can hear her heart beats, he is too far away, and the only directives that exists is what the models next move or expression guides him.

That's because Vladimir's mission is to penetrate this surface and find the energy of the true source behind the wall of fashion.Vladimir photo shoot is a dynamical psychological meting, seeking for the key to a unexplored world of the model. It is when the model leave their safe zone, of how she thinks the environment wants her to look and behave and she show her real face, something magical happens (sometimes this new discovered world is even new to the model). This magical energy is the whole concept, not a beautiful make-up, cool shoes, nice lighting settings or another stupid artistic photographic idea. Only a true picture of a real person, simple as that!

Ps: We love Sarah our new Love Warrior from NICE!!

//P:Belladonna is not for real, sorry guys but i had to break it!

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