Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love Warrior #111

BDT´s new Love Warrior, you know the army of guardians for our exclusive world of people that decides to live their life outside the box. Do you need an army for that?? Well maybe not, but everybody needs a home of their own, we want a free-zone eliminated from the judging attacks of the ordinary.
So, our new Love warrior Sascha have finally found her way home among like minded and she is more than happy to protect what should be obvious to everybody, a life were you get respect and love, however you choose to live your life.

//P:belladonna, trust me, it is not that obvious..


Anonymous said...

wtf!? trycker på en av "under construction" bilderna på en båge och blir länkad till !??!!??! nån retard som bygger bloggen eller?

P.Belladonna said...

Is is an evil conspiracy of the super thongs. Retarded..??that is just the middle name..