Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nice by night

BDT is on a relaxation week in Nice?? The BDT boys are exhausted from working day and night providing the world with their new invention, the revolutionary "I-MOOD". It is a small I-Pod looking devise where people can choose their mood?? Creative, tired, happy, productive, horny etc...How could that be possible?? Well from a old study it has been proved that if people listen to Mozart (called the Mozart effect), they perform better at different tests, different sound frequencies have different impact on our organs and of our mind.

In fact the scientist Tomatis have a evaluation of a "Sound Stimulation Program" at different centers around the world were he treats sick people with sounds.
So how does this "Mood machine" devise work?? Easy!! Light some candles put Barry White on the stereo and plug in the headset and choose your mood on the display....

So here we are in Nice to relax and take it slow...

//P:Belladonna have made up his choice..have you!!

1 comment:

Time To Fly said...

very cool, I have one of those machines, mine is called 79' FLH. Puts me in a better mood every time!!