Thursday, February 10, 2011

Real life super hero Black Eve

Breaking news, one of our beloved Love Warriors has broken loose from our Love Warrior army and started her own business, as a real life superhero. Black Eve is on a mission during the dark hours of the night, repairing the broken hearts of the love seeking citizens. She is armed with
black duck tape and her "super power love gun". First she repairs the broken parts with the duck tape and after that she aims her magical gun at the heart and blasts off a secret serum of love that makes the broken heart kick start.

We first met Eve when our friend Vladimir Rodjenko introduced us to her in Berlin over a year ago. Vladimir and Eve are childhood friends from the city Vitebsk in Russia. 5 years ago Eve's family got killed in a terribly house fire where Eve was the only survivor. She was severely injured at the accident and ended up in a coma for 4 month. When she woke up she was suffering from a deep trauma and didn't speak for over 3 years.. She locked herself inside a deserted barn that the family used for storing the autumn harvest. In the barn she started to experiment and develop a miraculous serum that could heal her broken heart. Two years later after millions of different experimens she had finally made it! A sensational serum that got her broken heart back to life.

Our friend Vladimir invited Eve to stay with him in Berlin about a year ago, as he is Eves only remaining friend. Vladimir was surprised to see his friend so happy and shining. Eve told Vladimir about her solitude experiments in the Russian countryside and about the serum, Vladimir that for the moment was working with the exhibition about Belladonna's Love warriors, told Eve that she had to go to Sweden and introduce this incredible invention to the Belladonna army.

So about a month ago she joined the BDT army of love and got a job as our event manager, but just after a few weeks she suddenly quit. She met so many unhappy broken and lonely hearts during her service as a love warrior for BDT she decided to go in business, for real. With help from the BDT engineers they built a gun that could shoot off the magical serum. She has taken the name Black Eve and gone undercover, but as we speak we heard that she is starting up her own Facebook page were all the unhappy owners of a broken heart can seek for her help from this wonderful real life super hero!

Are you in need of help?? Add Black Eve on Facebook NOW!!

//P:Belladonna is already a friend

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