Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BDT at Design panoptikum

Take a trip into photographer Vlad Korneev's world of hand-picked extra ordinary objects. Design Panoptikum is surreal journey thats trills your imagination into flames. Vlad Korneev's and Design Panoptikum is a unique collection of typewriters, glinting bowling trophies, retro telephones, tools, wrestling dolls, a total chaos of things organized into ready-mades (objet trouvé) and the hole museum feels like a film sets for old beautiful horror movie. Design panoptikum have a clear resemblance to the BDT dungeons, so we felt home at this Bizarre place. So if you are in Berlin you HAVE to visit this spectacular museum.

Find Design Panoptikum here

//P:Belladonna is impressed, again.

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