Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BDT- Contemporary radical minds

BDT- contemporary radical minds, is hard hard working deconstruction workers at the biggest construction sight in the world, life. Evolution is an on-going process of construction deconstruction and reconstruction, thesis antithesis and synthesis. Once people finished building their Lego castle with great joy and creativity they later tear it down with even more satisfaction, and build a new even greater construction. This is normal for a free creative spirit, but not for a person stuck to the ordinary. They build the Lego caste and later protect it with their life from all the things that can harm it. And it is not until all his friends and family have proved that their is a better solution he are willing to reassemble his pieces.

Well you get me!! This is not about castles or Lego bricks, it is about peoples fear of change and the unknown and breaking up from their safe surrounding no-mather the status, work, style, relationships, etc, etc.

BDT is a BIG Sledgehammer that wants to demolish the safe common construction of the ordinary mind. We believe that it is within the opposites we create our understanding of the world and without breaking rules and challenge the ordinary, life would loose its dynamics. Radical thinking and deconstruction is the core essence of creativity and innovation and with out this powerful force our world would stop spinning!

Thats why we meet so many people telling us that they think Belladonna is offensive, of cause we are offensive, we are reminding them of all the great beautiful castles they never are going to build and experience....

Ps. For the people that not get the picture i can only say, sorry..

Ps #2. Ok! I promise to tell you the next time we meet..

Ps #3 Ah! What the fuck! The picture is one of the greatest deconstruction art work in history, made by Marcel Duchamp

//P:Belladonna, aha! thats how it works?? I haven't slept with my wife for tree years, maybe its time to move on??

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That is so true! You have really tough this one through!