Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BDT in Berlin with photographer Simon Cederquist and Vladimir Rodjenko

BDT was in Berlin this weekend to visit their best friends BDT members and star photographers Simon Cederquist and Vladimir Rodjenko. Simon Cederquist have just moved down here so he was overexcited to show us his new found love. The sightseen went from lazer-shows to hamburger restaurants under a subway bridge to key hunt in graveyards to bizarre museums with vintage x-ray machines and old crash dolls and that was just a start. (We are not going to mention the satanist clubs and naked men dance performance..??) Well it was a hectic weekend that also contained a photoshoot with Simon Cederquist for Galleries Lafayette and the lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, more on that later.

//P:Belladonna has been recovering for two days

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