Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Behind the scenes at the sideburn magazine ad shoot

Just another night with BDT. We got the assignment to promote Sideburns excellent clothing line with an ad by our friend photographer Vladimir Rodjenko and on of BDT´s Love Warriors. As usual everything got out of control, it was not only our photographer that wanted the models attention, as soon as she got undressed our hungry Love Warriors in the house attacked the naked body and practically kidnapped her in-front of the photographer, and what can we do?? In our world womens needs comes in first place.

Do you want to see the Love Warrior in whole, then run fast and stand in line to buy the new issue of the brilliant Sideburn magazine, there is a great picture of her there.

Much easier, and you dont have to run, pre-order it here

//P:Belladonna is running...(can someone PLEASE tell him that he can order it on INTERNET..??)

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Ran said...

fuck u lots have wicked parties....