Monday, March 28, 2011


Saturday art performance in the BDT dungeon

Now we are closing 200 000 unique vistitors..

BDT is not just a geographical place, motorcycle club or a Blog, its bank of love and a circle of trust for a crazy collective of free spirits that thinks that the ordinary isn't enough, a free zone protected from "Svennar" and square thinkers.

BDT's bank of love, works like any other bank, you deposit and you get a return with interest, and the more you invest the more you get back. But there are freeloaders and parasites that makes withdrawal from the bank with out any investment, people without respect for us and themselves, for us that is stealing.. Life is full of givers and takers, we are more than happy to share our unlimited resources with all the people that invested their respect and love, but not with the people that got in on the payday. BDT is a trusted network of like minded free spirits and we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our community from the parasites and back stabbers that wants to get a quick fix of our unique energy.

//P:Belladonna is at the cashier..

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