Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras and Intentional Women Days

Happy Mardi Gras and Intentional Women Days, Mardi gras is celebrated around the world with carnivals and party, in Sweden we call it Fettisdag (Fat Tuesday). We celebrate the day by eating a pastry made by sweat bread, marzipan and cream. BDT is creative as always, we created a unique combination were we are able to celebrate both the Mardi Gras and international women day, at exactly the same time..!!
We are true feminists and worship women and what is better to describe our love and respect for women than eating the traditional Semla( the name for the pastry that is part of the Swedish soul) right out of a womans beautiful breast.

//P:Belladonna likes his with a lot of marzipan

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