Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photoshoot for Galleries Lafayette and Agent Provocateur with Simon Cederquist

Vladimir Rodjenko and Speedy was in Berlin to assist the brilliant photographer and BDT member Simon Cederquist for a gigantic photo-shoot for Galleries Lafayette and Agent Provocateur. The photoshoot started 7 in the morning and ended 11 in the evening, the BDT bouys was PRETTY tired at the end of the day, when everything started for real?? To recharge the batteries Simon Cederquist and his team went for yoga and sauna on the rooftop the old Stasi headquarter building in a dark neighborhood in old eastern Berlin. Later the team went to naturist beach in harbor docks in the center of Berlin were everybody were dancing naked in the moonlight until sunrise. Yes Photography can be a hard hard business..

//P:Belladonna have been sleeping for two days

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