Saturday, April 23, 2011

Belladonna G-spot conference

Once a month all the BDT Love warrior's (only women) are gathered in the dungeon to discuss life and all the things that is important to them. This nights topic was the G-spot, the mysterious hidden trigger button that experts say deliver an orgasms that is 10 times stronger and intense than the traditional ones. While men is still is trying to conquer space, our Love Warrior army is focused on another mission, to take a interesting journey and explore the magic of their own body and mind.

The BDT Love Warriors have totally lost faith in the modern man, in fact they are so disappointed in men that they have taken action and turn to each to other....?? Quote- Men of today are more interested in showing off, career and collecting stuff than the big mystery of love and sex. And with just a little bit of help from the BDT boys (the explorers and adventures of the female universe) the Love Warrior army have found a better and richer life.

Interesting facts revealed on the Love Warrior meeting.

1. A man that just met his girlfriend have passionate sex 4-7 times a week, while only once every second a month after 3 years relationship and one kid (trough a resent study scientist recommend sex 3-4 times a week, for a normal well being, the study also revealed that the lack off sex is one of our modern times biggest health risks and the biggest reason for depression and disillusion, and now we are talking sex to another person, the BDT blog will not due)

2. 9 out 10 men that has been going out with a girl for more than 2 years is fantasizing about another girl while having sex with their girlfriend.

3. 9 out of 10 men would rather be without sex with their partner than their computer and internet.

4. Only 15% of all women know that they can get a G- spot orgasm.

5. Marginally more men knows about it, 19% (thanks to Pornhub and Cytherea). But guys seriously, 19%??? 19 out of hundred of you guys know that women has a hidden trigger zone??

6. Well, its not getting better??? Only 5% of the guys that knows about the well kept secret knows how to get it off??? 98% of all the men on the planet knows how to change the tires of their car but they can't and sometimes don't even know how to get their girls to spin???

7. Fuck, nothing on this row, just read number 6 one more time and think for a while....

8. 96% of men have to get wasted do dare to talk to a new women, guys you feel like superman but i promise you, you aren't, what the fuck happen to the confidence..??

9. When women said that they don't like dirty men, 99% of the men miss interpreted it..

10. Write down you own complain about modern men, guess their are plenty more.

So if they are turning to each other for satisfaction, no one can blame them??

That is exactly what they did this evening, an expert from BDT helped the knowledge thirsty love warrior's and guided them trough the exiting stages that sometimes luckily leads to the explosive erupting G-spot orgasm. When this interesting crash course in cracking the mystery of the female ejaculation was over all participants have experienced the power of the magical and mysterious G-spot. BDT are overwhelmed to be at service, we have an special place in our heart for woman that turned their love to their own sex.

Talking and thinking about feelings like this is a bit scary for cool men, so here are the male translation:

Sorry guys your new higtech Gps will take you far, not the hole way..

So Download your BDT-G-Spot-GPS-Map here, (Soon out as a i-phone app for only $5.99 , one year of a regular bike magazine subscription is included)

Ps. Dont give up hope, we have some few exclusive slots left on our next BDT "Fontaine orgasm for dummies" course, Information here

Ps #2. Read Belladonna G-Spot manual here ( Sorry guys only in Swedish, try Google translate)

//P:Belladonna is faar out..

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