Monday, April 4, 2011

Belladonna trackers t-shirt

Finally its here, we get approx 10 requests each week from eager readers for this t-shirt, so we are super delighted to inform you guys that you can order it at the brilliant web-shop FLANK STORE. This Red and Black T-shirt is a limited edition, so when its out of stock, the buyers are a lucky owners of a exclusive piece of color and cotton.

The t-shirt got world famous from the biker, photographer and most of all our friend Chopper Daves blog Loud fast rules (see his pictures here). We love his pictures of naked beautiful SoCal chicks only wearing a loaded gun and our t-shirt.

Our first BDT t-shirt model is BDT member and long track World Champion Joonas Kylmakorpi ( view the Youtube clip). Gladiator Joonas Kylmakorpi told us that he has 120 racing meetings booked this season and for that he wants to look god, we are happy to support him.


//P:Belladonna is looking good


mateo said...

No 2XL? Damn! I'm 6'5", 260lbs of jet fueled testosterone and I loves me some BDT! Love the T's but can't fit into a pussy-ass XL, unless I wanna look like a homo in a skin tight ladies Tshirt. Oh well

P.Belladonna said...

Hello heavy weight Mateo.

I check with my personal trainer and my printing guy and see if one of them got a solution and get back you asap.

Love you for loving us!!