Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love Warrior #112

Love Warrior Bea works at the justice department were she's working with the multi marriage law proposal that BDT posted to the government a couple of months ago. The BDT boys have been hardly criticized for dating younger women, so we have listen to the criticism and come up with a creative solution.

Fellow friends in the BDT hang around have the last month questions the BDT boys choice of women and special when i comes to the age. -What do you talk about with the 20 year younger woman? How can you talk about the fall of the Berlin wall or the fall of apartheid with a person that hardy was born, that is just a few of our friends critical questions?? What the fellow friends doesn't understand, we don't have time for talking...and if we want to get down to history we get a fat book out of the shelf. For us it is not a question of what people have done together in a relationships, it's a question what they are going to do, in the future.. But that is impossible for people trapped in old shit to understand, that there could be another adventure in life, faaaar beyond the fragile fancy walls that they build up around them, so back yo the solution..

So instead of dating one person in our own age, we hook up with two women, together aprox. our age and weight. Shouldn't love be limitless??? So why on earth should people narrow them self and only love and live with one person?? (yes old Christian values, but come on, who the fuck believes in good???)) It's the fucking mystery of the century!!! The BDT boys have faaar more love to give, with two women we get twice the living experience (exactly as a woman in our own age) Think about it, lets say one of them is feeling a little tired one night then you have another one that is up for it... Lets say that one wants to break up and move in with the office partner that she f*cked on the last conference trip, then you have another one left and lets say one isn't into the dirty shit, then the other probably are. From a resent study people who are eating butter friend lobster 30 days in a row get tired of it, but if they mixed it with just one more dish the didn't get tired of it at all...Get me!!???

So welcome our new proposal of limitless Love and vote " I WANT MORE"

//P:Belladonna does!

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Anonymous said...

"God" ffs. Brilliant post (& blog). /eff