Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo print by Vladimir Rodjenko

Vladimir Rojenko's grindhouse inspired "young chicks with guns" has declared war against the ordinary. They are the defenders of the free-zone were people choose to live their life differently. With guns loaded with love are this beautiful beings fighting for the little outpost that constantly are under heavy attacks from the judging and conformed society.

Now you can support the struggle for freedom of the unique and get a little action into your home by getting one of Vladimirs Rodjnko's Art Photos for your living room wall. The pictures are a signed limited edition on high quality photo paper in 50 X70 cm.

Get his Pictures at the underground art and fashion Webshop FLANKSTORE

If you cant get enough of Vladimir Rodjenko's great pictures, then you can follow his blog Wildlife stories HERE

//P:Belladonna is having three, talk about making a impression on my dinner guests on Friday.

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jereerej said...

Just ordered a t-shirt! You guys really rock! Keep goin' please