Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Preorder Östberga Komvux NOW!!

Fellow BDT member Ebrahim Isaacs and his partner in crime the Ital Skurk Joel Uhr are delivering their bastard baby next week: Östberga Komvux. The brilliant book Östberga Komvux has been mentioned as a strong candidate for humor book of the year and we can easily see why. With mathematics found in topics that any true BDT member and BDT fan can relate to ( Sex, Drugs, Crime and Poop ), Östberga Komvux is a math book for peole with special needs, sitting at the school desk never has been such a joy.

Book example:
Drunk and horny you can consider sleeping with 92 % of the opposite sex. In a sober state, the equivalent number is 6 %. How many peeps can you drink until they are fuckable if you are in a room with 86 individuals of the opposite sex?

Order a signed copy of book at Flank Store (sorry only in Swedish, the English version will be out soon)

In for a party?? joint the release party here

//P:Belladonna has a friend who is a published writer..

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