Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

De Palma Hot Rod Mayhem with top model Natasha, part 1

©Vladimir Rodjenko
19 year old top model and Love Warrior Natasha was making friends at the annual De Palma Hot Rod Mayhem. She made this freezing cold Saturday tropical hot, as she looves older men with big toys??

She runs a mental chicken race with every man she meets and the guys who shy away from her confrontation isn't worthy her company. She is in for the real stuff, hard and ruff, she sees trough all the fake cool attributes that men are hiding behind to cover up for a missing manhood.

But she was surprised and pleased to meet so many genuine cool guys at this awesome event and from what we heard she later left with 4 dirty dudes in a rusty 68 Chevrolet.

Tnx, De Palma Hot Rod Mayhem for an awesome day!

Ps. A lot more pictures from the event tomorrow..

P:Belladonna annoys the crap out of people.