Friday, May 20, 2011

BDT at the Gallery with Marcel Strüwer

Loyal BDT followers

Its getting crowded in here

Here we go again..

Tonight's entertainment

Hardcore paparazzi in action

All the time!

Brilliant and beautiful musician Tove Lund

BDT Member and Photographer Simon Cederquist and Fashion stylist Max Eriksson just met for the first time..

And with a little help from the bottle..

Love at firs Sight..

A little more whine..

A little more love..

Simon is entering the clouds

Music academy student Tove Lund promised to come to BDT and play at the next gathering

Marcel Strüwer with friends

Super star artist Marcel Strüwer wasn't left for 5 minutes until guests at the restaurant East came forward and asked him to sign..them??

Ehh!! a new fetish?? No we have done it for ages!!

Buy one get one for free..

Marcel Strüwer, is increasing the value of Simon, or?

Simon is reading loud out of Patti Smiths book Just kids " an artist only purpose is to help other people to see"

The average in minutes that a normal person live, nothing we can count on??

Musician and Biker Gustav Bendt are spinning tunes at the after party at Riche

Photographer farewell later with Simon Cederquist, Fredrik Etoall and Filip "YAYA" Cederholm

BDT visited old time friend BDT member and artist Marcel Strüwer at his Opening last night at the WE shop downtown.

//P:Belladonna is ready for some action

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