Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BDT ping pong competition

Now we are set for the BDT ping pong competition, every participating love warrior get five chances to shoot the ball as far away as possible, and the winner will be rewarded with a trip to New York. There are rumors that BDT is only about iron, booze and flesh, but that is completely wrong. We are as interested as any other man in flying round balls and athletics. So, to make a mark we arrange our first fine sports competition.

The love warrior army have been on a training camp in northern Sweden for a week, in fact to the same city that the government send people to be brain washed before they enter the Swedish parliament. The competitors are in great shape and told us to wear face masks.The balls are going to fly, long and hard...

Background info

//P:Belladonna is paint ball 2:0??

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