Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Warrior meeting #2

Once a month our beloved Love Warriors are gathered at a secret place i Stockholm. Yes it has to be a secret since uninvited are trespassing the Love Warriors magical zone, people are taking advantage of their willing to share, but their Love isn't something to take because we breath the same air, it's something you get in return by giving, unconditional.

The Love Warrior army has lately been accused of sexism and anti-feminism. That was exactly the subject on this nights discussion, some have even accused the Love Warrior meetings to be a undercover "sex-club"?? But the Love Warriors are smarter as they understand the empty space of peoples minds that has to be filled with workable explanations. Why on earth !! are the Love Warriors hanging out naked at remote dirty locations without any presence of men when they can get laid at a fancy million dollar clubs downtown???

The only explanation they give us is, LOVE! They have created a free-zone erased from the sexist subject and object projection that frustrated men with expensive watches have pulled upon them. They think society have enslaved them with pornography for men and fashion for women that have put them on a pedestal that no living woman can live up to (except all the fictional "stars" that works like illusionary carrots that is leading a whole world over a cliff). At BDT there are no expectation or norms or a judging society that tells them how to act- be pretty, beautiful, smart, intellectual or sexy.. So when they are naked and totally disconnected from the fake outside world, only then are they able to be just what they truly are, loving free people, at what they call BDT the "Club of love"

So why on earth are they showing up here on the BDT blog naked for the world to watch?? They just want to make a statement and send a message, the next time your women try to have some fun and spend a fortune to dress up for some attention at the club later on that night, bare in mind that the Love Warriors have at least twice as fun wearing just their naked skin and a big smile...

//P:Belladonna likes the "Club of Love"

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