Friday, May 13, 2011

No brakes, no fear!!

Adrenaline junkies convention

Pulse, i promise you!

Drive safe, Se you in a minute..

True dirt lovers

F*cking ballet on wheels

I survived!!

Robban is back!

Gp rider AJ in lead, to the end..

Loyal 1500 supporters

Kim Nilsson is telling the way, turn left at the next corner..

Pure eye poetry

Mid brake

5-1 to Rospiggarna and a match win!

GP Speedway super-star and super-friend Andreas Jonsson and BDT Speedy

Speedway, the art of taking a 500cc 80 horsepower strong, 80 kg motorcycle without brakes on a ice slippery 10 m wide track in.....100 km/, jepp you got it!!??

//P:Belladonna is shit scared by just looking..

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