Monday, May 9, 2011

Portraits of Stockholm #3 Magnum Coltrane Price

One afternoon a couple of years ago super musician and BDT member Magnum Coltrane Price and his crew was shooting a music video for his latest hit song in a street corner in a south American city .

From nowhere five men suddenly showed up and attacked the crew. Magnum furiously fighted all five when he felt a cold gun pressed in to his stomach, Magnum looked up to the guy for mercy but he just smiled and pulled the trigger...twice!!

Click, click...!! Magnum Coltrane Price continued his world tour and it wasn't until he met his children running towards him on his arrival home he realized how lucky he was. Magnum told me over dinner with a small tear in his eye- Think about all this beautiful things that i would have missed, to see my kids get old and all the Fridays in the BDT dungeon...

One year later after the attack he made a gun tattoo on his leg with the date of the attack when he miraculously survived. We are happy to have him around!!

//P:Belladonna likes a great dinner story

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