Monday, May 2, 2011

The week that went

New Wall sign in the BDT dungeon

Super designer Moses from MO-CYCLE visiting BDT

Oscari, super proud of his new BDT T-Shirt, get one for your self here FLANK STORE

I don't have a clue how this picture got here, some sort of spam?

Dj Duo "SKINHISS" at Clarion Hotel

Nightlife legends revival, can't this guys just give up?? Not?? OK!!

It's getting blurry, to much tequila??

Jepp, definitely to much Tequila!!

View lying from the floor..

Let me out..

BDT Members Sven and Ida chilling in the park, getting the toxics out of the body.

As close to "death do us apart" as we are going to get..

Speedy is participating in a group therapy for his sexual addicting, this are the group members. Who said that life should be easy??

FUX Sportster got some new well needed pipes

//P:Belladonna is not for real

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