Monday, June 13, 2011

Belladonna Love warrior "True Love false idols" party march

True Love false idol party picture

True Love false idol party picture
True Love false idol party t shirt

True Love false idol party

True Love false idol fashion
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The BDT Love Warrior army was gathered in the BDT dungeon for their monthly meeting, this tradition is slowly making Sweden a warmer place, a scientist at have measured an increase of plus 20 degrees celsius in Sweden since the beginning of this sessions in November last year, if this is the result of the meetings or just the fact that it have become summer it will be remain unsaid.

Later that night all the Love warriors marched to a "True Love false idols" party. (True Love false idols is a super cool Californian fashion brand that sponsors the BDT ´s Love warriors with clothes). The journey to the True Love false idols party was a little bit loonger than they expected (The map reader Speedy had to many drinks), But the Love Warrior doesn't spill any chance to missionary their passions, so the march become one big LOVE PARADE trough the hot summer Stockholm, cars stopped, people were charing, smiling and screaming... If you missed this fabulous experience, enjoy the pictures.

Ps. Hold on, More pics Soon!!

//P:Belladonna is still recovering

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