Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy hallowen

Midsummer in Sweden
BDT do things exactly like everybody else, except we do things totally the opposite. When Swedes have approx 5 days out 365 in a year without any complaint and judgment to get wasted, BDT do thinks different, we get drunk 360 days for no reason and leave the 5 remaining days to the "Svensson" holiday drinkers"

Of cause this holidays are a great thing for "Svensson", it gives people a free-pass to act like jerks just because they don't act like idiots alone, a sort of collective personal meltdown. But most important holidays unifies people, people are gathered holding hands dancing around something that is soon are going to be as dead as their capability to think straight. This five major Holidays connects people around a cause, giving them meaning and purpose to struggle trough the remaining 360 boring days, a long hard journey reaching absolutely nowhere...

But this year we compromised a little bit, why miss a opportunity to get wasted. We made a holiday mix, a cocktail of the best elements from each holiday, we had package wrapping and gifts, we played trick or treat and danced around the midsummer pole. But most important, we drank home brew Vodka out of plastic bottles. (which unifies all the celebrations in Sweden).

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