Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love Warrior #114 Carina Dahl

 Carina Dahl by Vladimir Rodjenko
Carina Dahl by photographer vladimir rodjenkoCarina Dahl by ©Vladimir Rodjenko
Norwegian born Carina Dahl has all the characteristics of a typical Love Warrior, she is young, strong,super beautiful, independent, always open for new adventures and give a fuck what others think about her. She is an appropriated artist traveling around the world sharing her music and love.

We are super happy to have Carina Dahl in our army protecting our exclusive sanctuary, the haven for people the refuses to convert to the life of the ordinary. She instantly felt at home at our secret crypt, around motorcycles, oil and dirt. This smells like my childhood she said, we later found out that she was raised at a motorcycle club i Norway. Well what do i have to say?? She is not hard to like!!

Like her here

//P:Belladonna likes Carina Dahl to..a lot!

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