Monday, June 13, 2011

The Love Warrior Rider

Yes you got it right, the BDT Love Warriors are doing home visits?? Just for the fun are they leaving their dirty crypt and once in a wile enters the day light. But they are spoiled and picky about their needs!!?? So if you want to bee visited by the gorgeous gang you have to fulfill some obligations. BDT have made it easy for you and made a contract, Please let us know if you like an PDF.

Belladonna Love warrior Rider

1. One large telescope on stand, because they get all their inspiration out of the shining stars in the dark space.
2. A hot dog stand, with an old forgotten Idol winner as servant.
3. One naked singing clown. (please don't forget him, most important)
4. Four kilos of "Hockey pulver", Swedish traditional sweet.
5. One strip-pole, with the Ten Commandments engraved, a moral reminder just so they don´t completely loose themselves.
6. 6-10 water splash guns filled with cold Champagne, preferable the most expensive one on the market.
7. At least 4 pairs of strap-on, the rabbit model (New in package with xtra-long Duracel alkaline batteries)
8. A transvestite dj dressed all in white, blue and red playing old memorable French songs.
10. An open fire place, lit up all night.
11.A check with 100 000 Swedish kronor for the Belladonna administration and future bike projects.

Get it ?? easy as that, see you!!

//P:Belladonna are painting glowing stars in the ceiling..

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Anonymous said...

seems like a bargain